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Work completed:
Apr 2019

Graphic Design, Branding, Website Design & Development Bunbury, LPC

Moshi developed a full visual brand, with associated graphic design and a wordpress catalogue website.

Liquid Protective Coatings, was designed to imply security and a connection to liquid in shape or form. Across the designed options, we tried to use organic shapes, or shapes that signified strength in bonds to reflect the molecular structure of the clients products.

Liquid Protective Coatings website features, considerations and information

  • Custom developed catalogue website
  • Wordpress platform
  • Mobile and Tablet Responsive
  • Dyanmic design to reflect innovative product offering

As a new business with an innovative new product, we had to deliver a website that was cutting edge, dynamic and immediately provided credibility.

The website needed to provide information about products and their respective brands. Moshi developed some unique user pathways to allow for deeper site access. This was developed with longer term SEO in mind.

LPC has since pivoted into new territory, given a change in their business model that occured during COVID.

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Video Descriptions

Graphic Design and Visual Brand Implementation

Services delivered on behalf of Liquid Protective Coatings

Website Hosting
Branding and Logo Design
Domain Address Registration
Graphic Design
Search Engine Optimisation SEO

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