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Work completed:
Mar 2018

Perth Branding, Graphic & Web Design, Digital Marketing and Video Production

Moshi has been the guiding force behind the Just Start IT brand, delivering a range of graphic & web design, event support and videography services.

Moshi revolutionized the logo, leading away from the previous creative which has been done so many times before. Looking to reflect the diversity of thinking, with that spark of an idea and a fresh colour scheme to have stronger appeal to the younger demographics (students).

Just Start IT website features, considerations and information

  • Mobile and Tablet Responsive
  • Good Brand consistency with offline material
  • Provides JSI with Wordpress Content Management

Moshi a developed a simple, one page pitch, style website on the Wordpress Platform. The website is Mobile and Tablet responsive and helped improve the brand reputation and perception through an improved digital presence.

Visit the Website

Video Descriptions

Moshi has delivered various video projects for JSI over the years, largely to promote or capture their grand finals of their student teams. Other projects involved interviews with project supporters and student teams alike.

Graphic Design and Visual Brand Implementation

Moshi has delivered a range of designed collateral including, but not limited to; Brochures, event programmes, flyers and certificates.

Services delivered on behalf of Just Start IT

Branding and Logo Design
Domain Address Registration
Graphic Design
Photography and Videography
Search Engine Optimisation SEO
Video Production and Advertising
Website Design & Development
Website Hosting

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