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Work completed:
Oct 2018

Aussie Pest Inspections, Logo Design Bunbury

Moshi developed an iconic logo for Bunbury based Aussie Pest Inspections. The logo needed to provide them with a fresh and modern look that served both residential and commercial offerings.

The final logo design was influenced by the iconic popular culture computer game 'Space Invaders'. As part of the creative development, Moshi overlapped the AP letters to create the alien part of the logo. The brutal pixel style mimics the limited graphical capability of the original game and beautifully reflects the nature of the professional work by comparison.

Aussie Pest Inspections website features, considerations and information

Video Descriptions

Graphic Design and Visual Brand Implementation

These were the additional logo concepts, using the same colour palette as the chosen logo design, but leading with a different creative approach. Both concepts were relatively simple in execution, but perhaps less iconic vs the chosen logo.

Services delivered on behalf of Aussie Pest Inspections

Branding and Logo Design

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