Night time sky filled with starsNight time sky filled with stars
Work completed:
Jan 2019

Harvey Senior High School, Wordpress Website Design & Development

Moshi designed and developed a responsive Wordpress Website that reflected the schools visual branding and better communicated it's values and student offering.

Harvey Senior High School website features, considerations and information

  • Custom designed for visual impact
  • Easy to navigate and find important information
  • Responsive design to work on all devices
  • User Engagement via Animated elements

Moshi delivered a fresh look and feel for Harvey Senior High School. Incorporating and bringing to life the schools visual branding whilst amplifying the strength of it's professional photography. The tonal use of yellow tints across the photography helped to enhance a feeling of warmth and happiness we wanted to users to connect with.

The user of arrows to assist in the user experience, alluded to the subtle suggestion of 'moving forward' which is reflective of the journey of schooling and through life.

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Video Descriptions

Graphic Design and Visual Brand Implementation

Services delivered on behalf of Harvey Senior High School

Website Hosting
Website Design & Development

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