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Work completed:
Feb 2023

Sexual Health Campaign delivered for SWAMS Bunbury, Graphic Design, Web Design, Podcast and Digital marketing

Moshi were engaged to develop a strategic communications plan across multiple platforms to inform and educate people about STI's in the region, encourage conversation and challenge existing stigma.

South West Aboriginal Medical Services (SWAMS) website features, considerations and information

  • Mobile and Tablet Responsive
  • Developed on the Webflow platform
  • Design focused on younger market
  • Incorporated SWAMs branding and Aboriginal Art into the look and feel
  • Website provides good STI educational material
  • Serves as a 'destination' for the broader marketing collateral

Across the communications campaign, we emphasized the importance of creating a destination for users, the story beyond the advert, printed material and conversations that would take place.

The website served as this one source of truth, containing the 3 podcasts, clinic locations across the south west and key information about sexually transmitted infections.

Having participated in two community workshops with the local Aboriginal community, Moshi felt the SWAMs team had the authenticity, cultural knowledge and community relationships, to be at the forefront of the campaign.

With a target audience of Males and Females between the ages of 16 - 40, we worked to develop an easy to use website, that was bright and engaging and ultimately continued the conversation for users seeking deeper information.

Visit the Website

Video Descriptions

Moshi worked closely to develop the script and creative for the TV Advert development that was also advertised on Youtube. Episode 2 (of 3) of the Podcast is also included, which involved SWAMs staff having a conversation about STI's and Sexual Health in general.

Graphic Design and Visual Brand Implementation

In addition to the Digital Marketing and Website, Moshi also developed various print collateral, including wallet sized information cards, flyers, posters and SWAMs branded condom packages. All items presented consistently to unify the whole campaign from a visual perspective.

Services delivered on behalf of South West Aboriginal Medical Services (SWAMS)

Branding and Logo Design
Graphic Design
Photography and Videography
Website Design & Development
Website Hosting

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