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Work completed:
Feb 2016

Men's Health and Wellbeing, Wordpress Website Development and Graphic Design, Perth

A fantastic WA not profit organisation looking for a fresh new look.

Moshi developed the initial logo concepts with a view to 'unifying' men and connecting them. The final chosen concept had an icon which leant on the idea of lineage, standing behind each other and being stronger together. The colour palette was stereotypically aimed at men.

Men's Health & Wellbeing WA website features, considerations and information

  • Wordpress Website
  • Mobile & Tablet Responsive
  • Custom designed to showcase the new branding
  • Information based

Together with the CEO and Board, Moshi undertook a comprehensive rebranding process with the aim of providing Men’s Health and Wellbeing with a look and feel that would resonate with both the recipients and sponsors.

This was extended to the Wordpress website designed and developed. With mobile & tablet responsiveness built in.

The website also incorporated a services directory alongside relevant news and updates.

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Video Descriptions

Graphic Design and Visual Brand Implementation

Services delivered on behalf of Men's Health & Wellbeing WA

Branding and Logo Design
Domain Address Registration
EDM / Email Marketing
Graphic Design
Search Engine Optimisation SEO
Website Design & Development
Website Hosting

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