Night time sky filled with starsNight time sky filled with stars
Work completed:
Dec 2015

Millard's Bunbury, Graphic Design, Wordpress Website, Graphic Design & Marketing

Moshi director Karl has been connected with the Millard's brand for over a decade, having delivered multiple websites, a range of graphic designed branded material from posters, flyers and magazine layouts.

Our creative director was instrumental in the development of the current Millards brand before Moshi started. Since then he's developed countless assets, including the former Triumph riders sub-brand and the iconic Bunbury Fishing Club mascot.

Millard's Bunbury website features, considerations and information

  • Advanced custom product filtering
  • API connection to 3rd party listings website
  • Mobile and Tablet Responsive
  • Cutting edge visual design

When our creative director Karl sat with Rod to discuss the new website, it was outlined that the previous website (also designed by Karl - Before Moshi's time) was still the market leader, but that competitors were starting to close the gap.

Moshi pitched and then developed the current website, with a strong focus on users needs and ensuring that easy access to the boat of their choice was the primary focus on the website.

Everything else serves as secondary information or to assist in longer term SEO. Moshi engaged with local photographer Bianca Turri to help bring the website vision to life, with Karl assisting in the water and also shooting some video for greater library use.

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Video Descriptions

Graphic Design and Visual Brand Implementation

Across the years Moshi have delivered adverts, flyers, banners, magazine spreads and posters.

Services delivered on behalf of Millard's Bunbury

Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords)
Search Engine Optimisation SEO
Photography and Videography
Graphic Design
Website Hosting

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