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Work completed:
Feb 2022

Branding and Website Design for Bunbury Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Moshi has supported the BGCCI in revitalising their visual branding and website presence. Our work has helped them redefine who they are in the digital age, creating a more inclusive brand that reflects the interconnected and diverse work the chamber does.

Moshi were engaged to refine and evolve the logo. We led with a simplified approach and introduced the 'honeycomb' icon that has become familiar today. The icon reflects the strength of the shape as seen in nature, acting as a bond, connecting other aspects, but ultimately providing strength - we felt it reflects the work the organisation does. The previous logo also incorporated the 6 Noongar Seasons (as displayed in the 6 colours). We evolved this and incorporated it into the icon, using gradients to blend between the seasons.

Bunbury Geographe Chamber of Commerce & Industry website features, considerations and information

  • Mobile and Tablet Responsive
  • Focus on News and Event promotion
  • Regional data insights and graphing
  • Strong brand implementation
  • Made on the Webflow platform

Moshi provided a major upgrade on the prior BGCCI website that was built on the wordpress platform.

With an enhanced UI and strong brand implementation we were able to custom develop a lot of core functionality that helps drive the organisation's communication strategy. In 2023 we provided a further round of branding refinement and implemented their membership management system.

The result allowed us to import content from the old website and provided the client with an easier to use content management system via webflow.

Promoting the overall region via the Local Government Area pages, provides rich insights into the area and all of this content is managed in-house, without the need for ongoing content support.

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Video Descriptions

This simple animation showed the animated changes to the BGCCI logo we had created.

Graphic Design and Visual Brand Implementation

In addition to the logo and website development, we've also supported the chamber with other graphic design services, crafting pull-up banners, newspaper advertising, the corporate strategy document and brand guidelines. Consistent, yet varied brand implementation has been used, dependent on the audience and impact required.

Services delivered on behalf of Bunbury Geographe Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Branding and Logo Design
Domain Address Registration
EDM / Email Marketing
Graphic Design
Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords)
Search Engine Optimisation SEO
Website Design & Development
Website Hosting

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