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Introducing the MoshCast Episode 1, with Ben Yew, Photographer and Branding

Jul 4, 2023
The MoshCast (podcast)

Episode 1 featuring Ben Yew, world class wedding photographer, stepping into the corporate space and expanding into public speaking and branding.

We've had this idea for a while now, a podcast with fellow creatives, collaborators and the interesting people we meet a long the way. It's a bit of a slow burn project, but we like the idea of good conversation and what can unfold as a result of it all.

Ben Yew is one of our favourite collaborators. He has an extraordinary attention to detail, coupled with great curiosity, and it's often the conversations that take place behind the camera that are more powerful then the end result.

Ben's ability to build connection and dive into real discussion is his overwhelming superpower, with his photography capturing the journey and depth of humanity in the final shot.

This episode is broken down into 3 digestible parts and provides a rich insight into his thought process as a creative and story teller.

You can check out Ben's work, thoughts and websites by following the links below: