Night time sky filled with starsNight time sky filled with stars
Digital illustrated wave influenced by the Great Wave off Kanagawa. This is part 2 of 3 images that together create a subtle wave animation.

Digital. Growth. Strategists.

Moshi provides the perfect blend of technical, creative and critical thinking...
to help guide your organisation to success in the digital age!

Who do we help?

Who we help?

Our approach is to meet you where you're at, whether you're a new business, a small to medium enterprise, or a larger organisation, our digital service offering can scale and adapt to your specific needs.

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The Moshi Philosophy


Based in Bunbury, with strong ties to Perth and WA, our philosophy is simple: 'Do great work that positively impacts our community'. We lead with good intent, taking an objective, honest, and direct approach at all times. Who we are is reflected in everything we do, it's known as the moshi magic!

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